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Explore your personality

Are you bubbly?

How it works

Persona Bubble is a revealing new way to explore your personality. In 3 easy steps you'll gain a better understanding of yourself and your relationship with others.

Let's get started:

1. Answer

You start by completing our free personality test.

2. Results

Receive your personal evaluation to find out how you compare with the average population.

3. Compare

Next, invite your friends to compare results. Find out how they see you, plus who you are most like and why.

The science behind Persona Bubble

The Persona Bubble team

What is Persona Bubble?

Persona Bubble has been created by a small but passionate team made up of psychology experts, digital whizz-kids and data-heads. Our aim is to provide a fun and trouble-free way for our users to explore their personalities.

The questionnaire

At the heart of Persona Bubble is our free personality test. This is an officially approved version of a questionnaire used by psychologists (for purposes such as hiring for jobs, career advice, research and counselling).

Your results

We use your answers to our questionnaire to create your Personality Report which is summarised into five main areas of personality (called traits). Your results are plotted against our comparison group (a group of people who have already taken the test) which means we can tell you how you compare to the average person and means we can tell you things like: 'You are more extraverted than 70% of people'

Read more about the science behind Persona Bubble.


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